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Straightforward Objectives

Create visibility beyond your website
It takes more than just a biography on your firm’s website to build an effective online presence. Your FAN profile page and directory listing is independent from your website and highly visible to prospects and clients.

Improve your search engine rankings
Our SEO experts will implement a custom content and linking strategy to improve your website’s search engine rankings for your most valuable keyword phrases. We will consult with you to determine the best keywords to target and make suggestions to further optimize your website.

Grow your online footprint
Your FAN profile links to all web pages that showcase your expertise and credibility. This includes social media, articles, media mentions, business profiles, professional designations, associations, and community involvement. Any webpage that is linked from your FAN profile will rank higher in the search engines and be more visible to anyone researching you or your firm. This makes your online assets more visible and valuable.

Your Most Valuable Online Marketing Asset

Optimized for search engines
Your profile is the ultimate overview of you and your firm. It is optimized to rank for valuable keywords to improve your online reputation and drive new prospects. One of our experts will discuss this with you, make recommendations, and implement the strategy.

One-way text links to boost your website
Our linking strategy will help your site rank higher for your most important keywords. Our SEO experts will consult with you to target the best phrases and ensure the greatest benefit. If you are spending any resources for search engine optimization, then a FinancialAdviceNetwork profile can be your greatest asset.

Organize and improve the value of your most important information
We connect together your online assets to help the search engines find them and rank them higher for keywords your care about. This makes all your information more visible and valuable. Link to social media, articles, professional associations, designations, media mentions, newsletters, community involvement, and more.

Inclusion in search engine targeted directory
Gain visibility that your website may not have through our geographically targeted advisor directory.

Refreshingly Different

NOT an Advertising site.
There are no advertisements of any kind. We do not market 3rd party products or sell member information in any way. In fact, 100% of our revenue comes from our annual membership fee, so we have to deliver what we promise. Did we mention our member renewal rate is near 100%?

NOT Lead Generation.
We do not collect contact information or portfolio size from visitors and then sell that to our members. Lead generation is typically not a long term growth strategy and is expensive and time consuming to manage.

NOT Social Media.
There are no statuses to update, no friends or connections to make, and no one can leave a comment or rate you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a website. Why do I need
Without a doubt, having a website for your firm is critical. However, Information about you and your firm outside of your website is equally as important in building a well-rounded and positive online presence. Your profile page on is designed to promote all accurate and positive information that helps build your credibility and showcase your expertise.

How many leads and new clients can I expect from having a profile?
FAN’s business model is not your typical “lead generation service”. We believe that this is a good thing. We do not collect names and portfolio size of visitors and then sell that information to our members. From our experience, and from speaking with thousands of advisors, “lead generation” is a model that rarely works. Instead, we help you to build a larger online footprint and to influence the rankings of your most important web pages. This helps you build a personal brand, gain visibility beyond your website, and can play a key role in word-of-mouth and client referrals. The increased exposure from your FAN profile makes your other marketing efforts more visible and valuable.

How will you help me improve my rankings in the search engines?
Your profile page is strategically designed to rank high in Google and other search engines for phrases related to your name, business name, location, and services. In addition, your profile page links directly to your website. This strategic link will help your site rank higher for valuable keywords. One of the top criteria for higher search engine rankings is to build relevant links from other credible web pages. We take this strategy one step further by linking to other information about you and your firm outside of your website. By connecting this information together, the search engines will present more relevant results to anyone searching for information about you or your firm.

I'm very busy. How much time will it take to manage my profile?
The short answer is: As little as possible. We understand you are busy so we do most of the work to setup and manage your FAN profile for you. With our "full profile setup" service, a FAN editor will use content and graphics available from your website to create and enhance your FAN profile page. This includes adding your biography and firm information and cropping and uploading your picture and logo. In addition, we do all the research to find information about you and your firm that we believe you should promote on your FAN page. This can include original articles, media mentions, press releases, interviews, certifications, professional associations, community involvement, etc. When you need to make a change to your profile in the future, you can simply log in and make the update, or email us any changes and we can do it for you.

What is an "Online Reputation", and why is it important to me?
Everybody "Googles" everybody, and a search for your name should only make you appear more credible. The Internet makes it easy to find information about anyone, and the information that is easiest to find (accurate or inaccurate) becomes your "online reputation". In many cases, this can also be your first impression to potential clients or your second impression to existing clients. Your FAN profile helps to build information about you and your firm that is accurate, positive, and controllable. More importantly, your profile prominently links to all information about you that is spread across multiple pages on the internet. By connecting (linking) these pages together through your profile, these web pages will gain more visibility in the search engines where people are looking.

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