Financial Advisor Employment Opportunities in Salt Lake City at Freedom Point Financial

By: Robert Sandberg of Freedom Point Financial
Serving: Financial advisor located in South Jordan, UT and serving the entire Salt Lake City region
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When a person joins Freedom Point Financial as a financial advisor they are entering a unique work support environment that will enable them to do the best possible job for their clients.  The Freedom Point Financial business model has been designed from the very beginning to remove conflicts of interest, so that each advisor can consistently act in the best interest of their clients.  At Freedom Point Financial we are helping redefine what it means to be independent financial advisors, and in joining with us you will discover new ways to realize your full potential in the financial services industry.

As you read through the information contained on this website and learn the details of how this business model works, you will begin to see how you can use the flexibility of the Freedom Point Financial business model to facilitate the vision you have of growing and improving your own financial planning practice. 

Whether your are a well-seasoned advisor seeking more freedom and resources to expand your business, or still near the beginning of starting your career as a financial advisor and seeking marketing and business support, you will find that the products and services of Freedom Point Financial are well equipped to give you support where you need it, freedom where you want it, and all at a price that makes a lot of business sense.

Highlights of joining Freedom Point Financial as a Financial Advisor

We know you have lots of business model's (i.e. wire houses, independent broker dealers, RIAs, small boutique firms, and the solo practitioner method) to choose from in the financial services industry, so here is what makes us different.

From the moment you join us, you will own your book of clients, your client data and files, all your office equipment hardware and software, and have full control over your office space situation and your staff service team contracts.  If it ever becomes necessary for you to leave us, don't worry, because it all stays with you, and you won't even have to repaper your accounts to a new broker dealer or RIA.

Remember we aim to give you support where you need it, freedom where you want it, and all at a price that makes a lot of business sense.  As a financial advisor of Freedom Point Financial you get the benefits of both a strong brand name and a work environment that is fair and supportive to help you in your marketing and advertising and in the growing of your clientele and staff.  You can have as many assistants, paraplanners, portfolio managers, junior advisors, and other personnel as your business requires to function the way you direct.  You can choose your own marketing niches as well as the kinds of marketing methods and tools you want to use to grow your business. 

A great advantage of joining Freedom Point Financial is that each advisor is only responsible for their own business expenses, and they are able to receive the full payouts they have negotiated with their clients, broker dealer, RIA, and other product vendors before Freedom Point Financial receives any compensation.  This means our advisors never have to worry about how much of their production is getting spent on other advisors needs, company infrastructure, or on the staff of Freedom Point Financial.  The compensation paid to Freedom Point is consistent, easy to understand, and customized to each associate advisors situation.

In addition to the core brand participant benefits that each associate advisor receives, other a la carte services are available when each individual associate advisor determines they need them.  A la carte services include marketing development assistance, client services assistance, technology and software selection assistance, process and procedure development assistance, business development assistance, staff training advice, and continuity planning advice.

Associate advisors at Freedom Point Financial never have to worry about climbing a corporate ladder, or selling some else's interpretation of a financial plan, or someone else's investment portfolio.  Nor do they have to worry about management pressure to sell proprietary products, or working to build someone else's financial planning business.  At Freedom Point Financial each associate advisor is their own boss, and in complete control of how they run their business and spend their money.  They also control the way they help their clients, and the direction their career is going.  You can now settle yourself in an environment where the rules of work are well thought out, clearly written, and unbiasedly enforced.  The need for a new kind of fair and supportive work environment for financial advisors is long overdue in the financial services industry. 

About the Author:

Robert Sandberg is a Salt Lake City, UT financial advisor located in South Jordan and serving the entire region. Freedom Financial specializes in providing objective financial planning and investment management with the goal of helping clients grow and protect their assets through all of life's stages.

Article Published: 03/17/2015